TechHouse570- Networking Field Day 28- Event Recap

Networking Field Day 28 was another phenomenal opportunity to showcase some amazing companies & solutions coming down the pipeline as well as getting to hang with another stellar lineup of delegates and presenters this go around at NFD28! So, let’s not waste anytime let’s dive into the event itself!

My Favorite Presenters

Every Tech Field Day event there’s always some phenomenal presentations from some great companies and once everything’s finished, I always have my favorites coming out of the event! This time around my favorite presentations came right from PathSolutions, Augtera and Pica8 who were some of the few that brought their best! Let’s look into what they had to offer and what’s coming up!


Me and PathSolutions go way back to my first Tech Field Day event Networking Field Day 26! And as always, they didn’t disappoint. Building upon their existing solution which allows you insight into your network before major or critical issues arise. Their newer version TotalView v12 now provides a ton of additional features as well as a more detailed focus on automating troubleshooting features and proving deeper insight into remote workers having issues.

Detailing everything from which switch and interface the device is connected to. Even providing depth to whether certain tasks or processes are pulling the most resources are just some of the newest features in v12. Policy monitoring is also another key highlight showcasing what new devices are on the network, where’s it connected and what is it doing assuring that any unwanted ones that could open door to bigger threats are handled appropriately.

One of the most exciting things for me though was showing how they continued to build upon troubleshooting issues with remote workers which has still for some time been a problem.

“My internet connection is slow” while working from home is and continues to be a recurring issue. The problem is how to do you troubleshoot a needle in a haystack? By outlining a basic scope of the problem with Path Solutions not only does it outline where to pinpoint in troubleshooting first. But as the heuristics to each piece of the software are continuously growing, narrowing down these issues becomes simpler by the minute.

Bandwidth and Cable predictors are another huge feature showing where the most bandwidth is being used, but also foreshadowing certain interfaces that could become an issue later. Having Path Solutions in your environment is key especially in filtering out basic troubleshooting issues before being escalated when they may not need to be! With a tool this incredible out jobs continually become even easier.


Its no secret that Network Automation has and continues to be at the forefront of where were headed. And with this platform it provides us ways to not only correlate data and patterns at scale, but also create detailed solutions based on that data for engineers to be proactive and remain in the front of major infrastructure issues.

Their demo gave great Insight into how utilizing machine learning can change the way we utilize DevOps and if you haven’t, I highly suggest you check it out!


Prior to this event I didn’t know much about Pica8 but I’m glad I do now! Their title slide said it all one single license to automate them all! And they weren’t lying.

Offering a full all in one solution for your infrastructure needs, this can be deployed for campus, data center, or branch. Focusing on Network Automation my favorite!

Pica8 is comprised of two different solutions, AmpCon which is their command center for viewing your entire network. And PicOS which can turn any white box into a full enterprise level switch and then be automated by the AmpCon solution. AmpCon offers a wide range of feature including switch deployment at a rapid pace, scheduled backups & upgrades, as well as utilizing Ansible playbooks to automate multiple tasks and create your own workflows.

But the real highlight is their licensing model, which allows one license to be run anywhere, anytime. That means you can swap hardware, have no limits on port size or performance it’s a dream come true! With competitive software pricing Pica8 is on my radar and is a tremendous solution with a big payoff that can benefit any environment!

With spectacular presentations also from Juniper, Arista, Netris, Gluware & Progress. Networking Field Day 28 was another one for the books. And while I couldn’t be there with my fellow delegates in person. It just builds the anticipation even more and makes it more exciting to make my in person return hopefully very soon! Another huge thank you to the presenters, delegates & Gestalt IT team. Ya’ll are the best and continue to make these events as incredible as you do! Until the next time ill see you everyone!

Best Regards,



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