TechHouse570- Networking Field Day- Day 2 Recap

Photo Credit: TechFieldDay

Day 1 kicked us off with huge new offerings in the networking industry! Day 2 without question was packed full of more incredible presentations & even better demos! Let’s not waste anytime let’s hop into our day 2 recap!


NetBeez was a company I didn’t know much about but by the end of their presentation they were without question on the top of my radar! Initially starting out utilizing Raspberry PI’s to monitor Network Infrastructures. It was around 2019 they developed & implemented using agents to be assist with monitoring as well as WFH instances in real time! Whether its on-prem or off-prem, agents can be deployed in seconds! Another key feature was through their Path Analysis demonstration which showed that you can set your primary machine as a worker agent to deploy & monitor agents on multiple devices. The integrations are endless, Intune was one of the many platforms that can simplify an easy deployment right into day-to-day deployments with no problems! The newest version 9.0 which will be release soon will also break down more granular instances for troubleshooting which will play a huge role in WFH employees & many of the common issues they face such as connectivity issues, zoom calls dropping, etc. I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off day 2 then with NetBeez, But the next presentation I’m not going to lie was one of the ones I had highly anticipated & was looking forward too!


We’ve been looking for a SolarWinds replacement for some time at work & one of the companies without question that stood out to me was PathSolutions! The opening slide put it best What if you knew everything your network equipment knows? Their goal is to provide a slew of tools & monitoring capabilities at every level under one UI. That goal was a success! & The demos proved that through & through, I haven’t stopped talking about it ha-ha! Providing a detailed breakdown of an entire WAN architecture each connection showed where there was some type of issue in real time. Providing everything into one integrated package, this tool changes the way we not only monitor & detect network issues but how we can remediate & resolve it faster!

One of the coolest features I found too was through their Call Simulator tool which gives more detail into troubleshooting VoIP issues, as well as testing the call quality before even doing a deployment! Be it latency, jitter, lag, packet loss. This tool provides insight into where adjustments can be made to provide & assure better call quality. Another one of the most common problems we’ve all faced since the pandemic was not only beginning to deploy more WFH employees, but also the timeless issue of poor connectivity at their home. Is it the network? Is it the VPN connection? These questions & more are constantly asked & make troubleshooting a nightmare. But with their RemoteView solution all those problems go away & I couldn’t be happier! It gives you not only a breakdown of the client health, but also connectivity both on your end & though their respective ISP. There were so many additional features I could go on! But my recommendation to you is to head over & watch their amazing demo it’s a can’t miss & believe me this is one solution I’m working on getting into my Infrastructure ASAP!


I gathered what I could from this presentation as I had a hard time wrapping my head around most of the cloud-based solutions simply because I’ve never done anything in the cloud! But I did love that they put what we’ve all known for some time front & center. Its not all about our network anymore, cloud-based solutions are a huge part of our day to day & will be for the foreseeable future. Through their platform they’re not only able to monitor & pull sources from your business, app & network data. But also provide insights & automate tasks through their expansive dashboard with endless integrations. If you’re focusing on more cloud-based solutions make sure to put Kentik at the top of your radar!

Day 2 had a ton of takeaways that I not only got to witness firsthand, but also a bunch of new tools & technologies I’m already looking forward to diving into myself! Be on the lookout for my Day 3 recap & final day of Networking Field Day events I can’t wait to share with you! Until next time stay safe everyone!

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