TechHouse570- Networking Field Day- Day 1 Recap

Gestalt IT for quite sometime has been the cornerstone of IT content in our industry & in the IT community. Through blogging, podcasts & additional outlets. The best of the best in this industry not only contribute & share their wealth of knowledge on multiple topics but many that have been fortunate enough get to partake in their premier series of events known as Tech Field Days! The event sees some of the greatest IT Professionals in the world gather as delegates & meet with IT companies who not only sponsor this exclusive event. But also, share their incredible products, live demonstrations & more to get that first look at what’s coming down the line in the evolving world of technology. The event has seen such astounding growth its been split into multiple areas over the last few years ranging from Data Center, Cloud, Security & Mobility! And this year yours truly was invited to join the long list of delegates who have come before me in my favorite arena Networking! I’m excited to finally get to share with you some of my favorite day one takeaways so let’s get right into our recap!

Juniper Networks- Delivering Experience- First Networks From Client To Cloud
Juniper kicked things off with a deep dive into their Enterprise portfolio! Focusing on their tiered based mentality staring with Enterprise First Networking, the belief is that through their connected solutions married with their top of the line portfolio of products it’s a recipe for success & they’re not wrong! The key areas they wanted to touch on were assured experiences, automating more tasks & cloud first! But what came next really got me even more excited!

The Names Marvis Mr. Stark
I don’t know about everyone but I got Iron Man meets enterprise networking vibes & I loved it ha-ha! Marvis is their newest AI based solution that not only extends actions from client to cloud. But also, focuses on some key areas that are critical in our day to day IT Infrastructures such as wireless, wired & WAN connections. The dashboard & UI were completely user friendly easy to navigate & the demo provided more insight but this was just tipping the iceberg into what the solution was capable of. If you haven’t I would definitely advise to check out this session to see for yourself!

Mist AI
Mist AI gave us a deeper look into how this tool can be utilized to not only troubleshoot wired connections & their causes but also how easy it is to configure multiple devices though the AI! Simply unbox your hardware, scan the QR code add to Mist AI and you’re done! Configuring devices just got easier & takes automation to an entirely other level. You can create custom templates to do multiple tasks no longer needed manual intervention, for example setting up EVPN configuration now takes seconds by importing VLANs from those custom templates, uploading & you’re done! Also, this tool provides such detailed features such as checking into switch insights, configs, verifying port status, profiles & segmentation. Juniper took their products to new places & I can’t even wait to see what else they’ll have in store in the coming months as more becomes available!

Arista Networks

Arista was up next and for me definitely gave me much more insight into an area I never get to focus on too much cloud! In the networking industry we still see such a struggle in having a lack of network structure & architecture, as well as truly being able to scale our automation tasks to the number of devices in our networks. Not only did they offer an incredible demo but then I learned of another tool I’ve never even heard of! That my friends is BatFish, an amazing tool that goes through network configurations and verifies any bugs or issues with the configurations before they’re applied. Arista also showcased their AVD collection utilizing Ansible and some additional tools as well as dove into Cloud Grade Routing showing the three different levels in which deployments can be handled.

Networking Field Day 26 was full of surprises on Day 1 and this was just the beginning! Were just getting started! Stay tuned for my Day 2 recap & don’t worry the action wraps up tomorrow so tune into catch Day 3’s incredible presentations, demos & more! Until next time stay safe everyone!

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